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UMD's color guard is a non-musical section of the marching band. We march with the band at the football games, parades, and any other events that are scheduled in the season. Essentially, if the marching band is there, so are we! We perform using primarily flags, but are looking into adding rifles if our color guard becomes large enough. We meet during band throughout the week, and outside of class as necessary to work on choreography/drill/etc,. No experience is necessary to be in the guard, but having a background with dance helps a bit since occasionally dance moves are incorporated in, but we welcome anyone who has an interest to learn. Marching skills are taught during band camp, so that covers any inexperience one may have with that. Overall, we are a close-knit group who has a lot of fun showing off what we can do to the school/spectators!


What is color guard?

Color guard is a non-musical section of the marching band the represents the music played by using flags.

Is there a winter guard?

We have recently started a color guard club for off-season winter guard activities. Check the clubs and activities page for specifics. Color guard club does not meet during the marching season.

What equipment does the guard use?

Currently, the guard uses primarily flags.

What do the uniforms look like?

The uniforms consist of black jazz pants, black marching shoes, and a maroon and gold top. We also use black long sleeve turtle necks at the colder games. If it is incredibly cold (it is Minnesota!) we may wear our wind suits.

Does the color guard march with the marching band?

Yes! The guard marches with the band for both the half time show and during parades.

How big is the guard?

Like our band, our guard is small but growing in numbers. We are hoping to expand our guard in the coming years.

What experience is necessary?

Marching skills will be taught during band camp, so if you don't know how to march, that is okay! Knowing how to dance is not a requirement to join the guard, but it does help to have a background when working on the moves in the shows. Overall though, anyone can join whether you have been part of a color guard in the past or not. 

How much does it cost?

We pay for the shoes we march in (check here - though any shoe of the same style will work), the gloves, and the marching band wind suit (the entire band is required to purchase this). However, the band has a small number of jazz shoes in storage of variable size and age.

How long does the season last?

The season lasts as long as the football season lasts. See the schedule for more information.


What do tryouts look like?

The guard has no formal tryouts. On the first day of camp, we assess skill-level and experience. Our show routines are tailored to best fit the dynamic of the group, so be ready to try new things! 


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