UMD Athletic Bands

Home of the UMD Bulldog Marching Band and Pep Band, the super fans of University of Minnesota Duluth Athletics.


How Do I join Pep Band?

Step One: Sign up for MU 1541 Sec 006 (the section is IMPORTANT)

Step Two: Show up.


No, anybody is more than welcome to join no matter your skill level, whether you've been playing since 5th grade or picked up your sax a week ago! We do a small "placement" test in the beginning of the season, usually just playing the Rouser and another song, to get a good idea of where you'll fit in best. We try very hard to keep the bands at equal strength so there is no "better" band.  

But, When is rehearsal?

Rehearsal is every Thursday from 6pm to 8pm in the band room in the Chester Park building. Rehearsal is mandatory, so make sure you get work off!

Do I have to be a music major to join?

No! Actually, the majority of the Pep Band (and Marching Band!) are non music majors. We have band members representing every school, from Swenson School of Science and Engineering, Labovitz School of Business and Economics, The College of Liberal Arts, and everything in between!

How Many Bands are there?

Currently we have 3 Pep Bands - Gold, Maroon, and Bulldog. Each band is organized based off instrumentation and number of students available. A small "audition" is used to hear your skills to help better balance the band. The schedule usually alternates which band is playing every weekend depending on what sport is playing! Athletics and the fans love it when we come so there's a good chance at least 2 of the 3 bands are playing during the season. 

Does pep band cost anything?

All you have to purchase is the Pep Band jacket and t-shirt, which comes to about $35. Once you have these, you will never have to buy a new one (unless your dog eats it or something). Other than that, Pep Band is totally free!

What is the uniform?

Uniform consists of the UMD Pep Band jacket and white t-shirt, along with blue jeans, and closed toed shoes. You are also allowed to wear UMD themed hats and scarves.

How Many Games a week do I have to play?

Once basketball and hockey are in full swing, you will probably play one or two games a weekend (Friday and Saturday night). Good news here though, if you're playing basketball, you're usually done by 9pm (so much time for activities!), and if you're playing hockey, everyone is there anyways, so you're not missing out on anything (plus, HOCKEY!)!

If you have any other questions, contact us at!