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Every student is required to attend the event that their band is scheduled for, if for some reason you cannot attend said event, you may fill out a request to see if someone else is willing to go in your place.

Rules for Requesting a Sub:

  • In the event that you cannot attend said event, you may request a sub using one of the forms below
  • Please use the form corresponding to your section. If you use the wrong one, your request may be ignored.
  • Make a request by beginning of rehearsal (Thursday @ 6pm) or your request may be denied
  • You must have a legitimate reason for needing a sub.
    • You are given the schedule at the beginning of the year and are expected to make plans accordingly 
    • The University defines what counts as an "excused" absence and as a course at UMD, we follow this definition
    • It is also up to the discretion of the director if your reason is valid or not.

***If you are unsure what counts towards an excusable absence, please refer to the syllabus located under the Pep Band tab, or contact your section leader***

How This Works:


  • Click the "FORM" link for your section
  • Filling out and submit a request
  • You and your section will receive an email regarding the submission
  • Click the "REQUESTS" link to check if anyone has accepted your request
    • You should also receive an email when someone edits the "requests" link